Get whitepapers on how to map iOS and Android platform features to Universal Windows apps

Kit McDonald

Universal Windows Platform Apps

Microsoft has released a PDF white paper that will assist Android and/or iOS developers in converting to Windows 10 or the Universal Windows Platform. Titled “Windows apps concept mapping for Android and iOS developers,” the document is useful for understanding how to convert and code for Windows, making it a valuable reference guide.

An in-depth table compares software concepts across all three: Android, iOS, and Windows. With easy navigational index towards the top of each page, developers can switch quickly to compare between topics of interest such as:

  • UI
  • Navigation and App Structure
  • Custom Inputs
  • Data
  • Tooling
  • App Lifecycle
  • Performance
  • Monetization
  • Building for Diversity
  • Media Capture and Rendering
  • Sensors
  • Location and Mapping
  • App-to-App Communication
  • Software Design

The document is one of many resources that Microsoft has offered developers who want to compare and learn more about converting their applications to the UWP. Within the last week, the company has updated their Desktop App Converter with some much-needed adjustments and launched a new series of dev oriented blogs to encourage building on the platform.

The white paper can be downloaded by visiting the Download Center page and can be opened with any browser or program that supports PDF files.