Get ready for Bing advertisements inside Windows 8.1 search results

Bing ads

Windows 8.1 has introduced a new feature called "Smart Search" which offers you search results across your PC, tablet, apps, SkyDrive account, and the internet. However, this new search tool will also offer you advertisements from Bing.

"Bing Ads will be an integral part of this new Windows 8.1 Smart Search experience. Now, with a single campaign setup, advertisers can connect with consumers across Bing, Yahoo! and the new Windows Search with highly relevant ads for their search queries. In addition, Bing Ads will include web previews of websites and the latest features like site links, location and call extensions, making it easier for consumers to complete tasks and for advertisers to drive qualified leads," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Advertisers will not have to do any additional setup to partake in this new advertisement opportunity, but simply have to be a part of the Yahoo! Bing advertising network. The advertisements that are showcased within Smart Search will simply feature a preview of the website the advertisement will take you to.

Microsoft wants to make search advertising easier for consumers, while providing the best experience and relevant results. Plus, lets not forget that the new search feature in Windows 8.1 is such a golden opportunity for advertising impressions and revenue. Microsoft will also be listening to consumer and advertiser feedback regarding this new advertising method.

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