Get a Lumia 650 for only £109.99 at UK’s Carphone Warehouse

Arif Bacchus


If you’re living in the United Kingdom and are looking to pick up a Lumia 650, then we have got the deal for you! As spotted by Neowin, the Sim-free version of the metal-framed Lumia 650 device is now just £119.99 at the Microsoft Store, which is slightly less than the usual price of £159.99.

Other foreign retailers, such as Carphone Warehouse, also have the Lumia 650 at an even lower price. The price for the device in the United States and Canada, however, is still at $199.00. We previously reviewed the Lumia 650 back in March, and found that it boasted a beautiful design, but had mediocre specs.

So, will you pick up a Lumia 650 because of this deal? Which Windows 10 Mobile devices do you own? Which Lumia device do you really want to purcahse? Do you like the looks of the Lumia 650? Let us know your answers to these questions and your other thoughts by dropping us a comment below.