Get in the gaming spirit with 12 Days of Minecraft

Arif Bacchus

The holiday season is a perfect time to give and receive gifts, sit back, relax, and enjoy life. Fitting with that theme, the Minecraft team today announced the launch of 12 days of Minecraft, an event where players can come home with a free gift every day from December 21st on the Minecraft Marketplace.

You can expect to find official creations from both Minecraft, and community creators such as Noxcrew. Creations will be free for 24 hours starting December 21st in the Minecraft Marketplace, so it’s best to keep a watchful eye on the Minecraft Twitter to hear what’s going free.

The Minecraft team is not yet revealing the specifics of the free gifts, but they did tease Noxcrew’s offerings will be a “mountainous sled slalom.” What are the best creations you’ve ever seen on Minecraft? Which content do you want to see go free for the holidays? Let us know your thoughts below.