Get #IDARB and Sniper Elite v2 FREE for Xbox Live Gold members

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Get #IDARB and Sniper Elite v2 FREE for Xbox Live Gold members

Last month, WinBeta reported that #IDARB would be offered as a free download for Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold subscription with the Free Games with Gold program. Starting today, Xbox added another free game for the Xbox 360: Sniper Elite v2. Sniper Elite v2 is an updated version of the popular Sniper Elite game released for the original Xbox. Sniper Elite v2 sets you in the middle of World War II as you hunt down and assassinate Nazi leaders. Sniper Elite v2 lets you watch your bullets’ paths as they eviscerate your Nazi targets insides. You can see their Nazi skulls explode, bullets tear through their eyes, and the all too satisfying testicle shot, where your sniper bullets make sure they never, ever procreate. 

Sniper Elite v2 rewards stealth and a steady trigger finger to take out your targets with amazing brutality. Sniper Elite v2 is a fun game available only on the Xbox 360 and offers a great third-person gaming experience. Sniper Elite v2 also adds a cooperative multiplayer mode where you and a Xbox Live friend can tackle levels together to kill an even greater amount of Nazi scum. Sniper Elite v2 for Xbox 360 retails for $14.99, but is free through February 28th.

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