Get Halo news, stats from your Microsoft Band with new 3rd party tiles

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The Microsoft Band 2 has routinely proven to be an extensible software platform on top of being a Swiss Army knife-like fitness device. Beyond its array of sensors and health tracking and maintenance features, the Microsoft Band 2 also sports a developer-friendly kit of APIs that have enabled experiences beyond the native set Microsoft initially provided.

With the help of developer Greg Hill, players of Halo 5: Guardians can strap their stats from the game on to their wrist with a new activity tile for the Microsoft Band 2. As of today, players with a Microsoft Band 2 and a copy of Halo 5: Guardians can now add additional notification tiles that relay information about their campaign progress in the game and particular Spartan achievements and stats, as well as follow solo or co-op campaign progress, among other items.

  • Profile Overview: Track of your current Spartan Rank and how close you are to ranking up. Keep tabs on Arena and Warzone KD. Solo Campaign: Track your solo campaign progress. Shows each level and what difficulty you have completed it.
  • Coop Campaign: Track your coop campaign progress. Shows each level and what difficulty you have completed it.
  • @Halo News: Stay up-to-date by receiving news from @Halo on Twitter instantly on your wrist.

There is no word on whether Hill is planning to expand the list of tile notifications, but the current four should be more than enough for hardcore stat geeks to keep entertained.

For those interested, head over to the developers site to upload your gamertag and download the specific tiles to your Microsoft Band 2. The process is quick and relatively straightforward. Also, as part of Microsoft’s cross-platform development, any OS with a Microsoft Health app installed will have access to the new downloads, including iOS and Android.

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