Get yourself a free Quantum Break poster straight from Microsoft Studios

Arif Bacchus

Quantum Break on Xbox One

Xbox’s One’s latest game Quantum Break is now just a little over a month and a half old. Since release, the game broke a barrier and became the best-selling new Microsoft Studios IP this generation, and at one point even the best-selling game in France. So, if you’re looking to celebrate these milestones, or decorate your wall with Quantum Break gear, we’ve got quite the offer for you.

A look at the free poster
A look at the free poster

While supplies last, Microsoft Studios is giving away free Quantum Break posters on this website. The nifty poster is 18 inches by 24 inches and features an orange monarch butterfly shattering and breaking through a black background (representing Monarch Solutions of course!) However while the poster itself is free, there are shipping costs involved, and depending on your shipping location and a number of posters ordered, shipping may cost anywhere from as little as $4.36 to as much as $50.

So, what do you think? Will you pick up this poster? Let us know by dropping us a comment below.