Get fit and compete with friends across platforms using different trackers with inKin on Windows 10 Mobile -
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Get fit and compete with friends across platforms using different trackers with inKin on Windows 10 Mobile

While the Microsoft Band 2 is a veritable tour de force when it comes to fitness tracking, its relatively niche market share only embellishes its isolation from socially involved contest, and activities other fitness trackers are privy to.

That is, until now.

Thanks in part to the developers of cross-device and cross-platform social fitness app inKin, wearers of the Microsoft Band 2 can now sport their activity tracking alongside the likes of their Jawbone, Misfit, Apple Watch, and Fitbit counterparts.

A few months ago, inKin developers sent out an email to users informing them of their plans to make a Windows 10 Mobile app. True to their word, inKin has now made it possible for Windows 10 Mobile users to snag the app from the Windows Store and start joining physical fitness quest with their friends or the greater inKin community from around the world.

Aside from being a multi-faceted app combining stats and metrics from Garmin, Withings, iHealth, Lumo, Fitbit Jawbone and more, there a ton of features users can look forward to testing out.

  • LIVE FEED: collect your health and fitness data from different fitness devices and apps. You can connect as many devices as you like, and choose which activity trackers show which metrics on your metric page. * GOALS: set goals for different fitness metrics to help you stay focused on your progress.
  • CHALLENGES & COMPETITIONS: join and create different challenges and competitions for steps, calories burned, distance, and active time. Challenge – you have to reach either your daily or total goal during a certain period. A participant completes the challenge once he or she meets the requirements. Competition – the participant who reaches the highest metric (steps, calories burnt, distance, activity time) wins the contest. A private contest is visible only to friends you want to compete with. A public contest is visible to all inKin users – anyone can join and participate in public contests.
  • DUELS: choose an opponent and start a 24-hour head-to-head step challenge. Once the duel has been accepted, it will begin the next day. Your results will be announced after 24 hours.
  • DASHBOARD - your daily progress, challenges & competitions you are participating in, inKin global score results, suggested friends and more.
  • LEADERBOARD: shows the performance of friends and family on a day-to-day basis.
  • GET SOCIAL Support your friends on their fitness journey with likes and comments. Find new fitness buddies in your local community and across the world.

As mentioned before, the app is now live in the Windows Store for those with a Windows 10 Mobile device and listed fitness tracker. Even without owning a Microsoft Band 2 in particular, inKin does a fantastic job of curating achievements, stats, and goals for most fitness trackers on the market.

Price: Free

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