Get an exclusive Rare Replay print and BattleToads vinyl at San Diego Comic-Con

Get an exclusive Rare Replay print and BattleToads vinyl at San Diego Comic-Con

One of the cooler announcements Microsoft made at this year’s E3 was Rare Replay, a collection of 30 classic video games created by developer Rare, repackaged into one massive celebration of the company’s gaming legacy. Among the games included in the collection are popular hits such as Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark but also more niche titles such as Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll.

The most anticipated inclusion in the collection though, is the Nintendo Entertainment System classic, BattleToads and its counterpart BattleToads Arcade. The BattleToads franchise has long been rumoured to be coming to the Xbox One for a while now and while the characters did get a cameo in the Xbox One release of Shovel Knight, the re-release of their original games is what many fans have been waiting for. (Well, that and a new, current-gen Xbox One BattleToads platformer which many hope is already in development.)

To help promote Rare Replay ahead of its 4th of August release date, Microsoft has already announced that the game would be getting its own panel at San Diego Comic-Con and now an Entertainment Weekly report has revealed that they will also be debuting two exclusive Rare Replay items at the convention as well.

The first will be a special vinyl release of the original BattleToads game’s soundtrack. The soundtrack itself is planned to get a wider release soon after Comic-Con but this exclusive release will feature its own unique artwork unavailable anywhere else.

The second special Rare Replay merchandise will be a cool Rare 30th anniversary print from iam8bit featuring the majority of the characters from the games in the collection.

Both San Diego Comic-Con exclusive items are extremely limited with only 300 copies of this version of the soundtrack being made and 400 copies of the iam8bit print.

Are you going to make it to Comic-Con this year? Make sure to check out our special article on which Microsoft panels and events will be happening during the several days of the convention and let us know if you’re excited to see the return of BattleToads in the comments down below.

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