Get code snippets in search results, thanks to Bing and HackerRank

Not every search engine is the easiest to navigate, especially for programmers, who might spend up to hours searching for just the right code snippet or algorithm for their latest project. With help from Hacker Rank, Microsoft has teamed up to make navigation easier for programmers by enhancing Bing’s search results to include just what they’re looking for.

Not only will code snippets and algorithms now appear in the results but Bing will take it one step further. Users will be able to edit and execute the code directly on the page.


Sample code snippet.

The new search engine will support C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, and Java scripts. Typing in a search for one of the supported languages will bring the editor up. Users will also be able to switch between other languages as well. Searching for a code snippet, Bing will bring the editor up.

Co-founder Vivek Ravisankar told TechCrunch that the project features over 80 code snippets that focused on the most commonly searched terms.


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Will you be using the new editor through Bing's search engine?