GeForce NOW adds 1440p120 upgrade to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

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GeForce NOW game streaming gets a big upgrade today on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome…for those with RTX 3080 memberships.

The upgrade features support for 1440p QHD resolution at 120fps. This means a much higher rendering fidelity with vastly improved pixel density than you can get at 1080p, and an overall smoother visual experience.

As stated, the upgrade will be limited to the Edge and Chrome browsers for now. Mozilla’s Firefox browser, which recently got 120Hz support in version 103, could potentially follow suit.

To play open Chrome or Edge and go over to, no app needed. In Settings, find Streaming Quality, select Custom. Here you will find the new QHD option. Note that this will use approximately 19 GB per hour.

You can learn more over on the official NVIDIA blog. This upgrade is only available to users with an RTX 3080 GPU, and an RTX 3080 membership.

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