Gears of War: Ultimate Edition updated on Windows 10, includes v-sync options and more

Laurent Giret

Yesterday, Microsoft finally rolled out an update to Windows 10 to address technical restrictions that have so far prevented UWP games to run as smoothly as their Win32 counterparts. More precisely, Microsoft has enabled support for unlocked frame rate as well as support for AMD’s FreesyncTM and NVIDIA’s G-SYNC to eliminate lag, screen tearing, and stutter in UWP games.

While it’s still up to game developers to update their UWP games to leverage these new features, Gears of War Developer The Coalition has just announced on the game’s community forum that it will release an update for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10 later today that will likely please gamers. Indeed, that update supports all the new features now available on UWP apps including v-sync toggle options and frame rate options. Please find the full changelog below:

  • Added v-sync toggle to video options. Toggle “off” to not be limited by your monitors refresh rate.
  • Added frame rate limit selector to video options. Use to reduce your frame rate if you are getting too much tearing, or choose unlimited to let the game render as fast as possible. Note: This option is best used with v-sync off. With v-sync on, it will force the game onto a refresh interval (render every refresh, every second refresh, etc.).
  • Added anisotropic filtering setting to video options.
  • Added FPS counter toggle to video options.
  • Fixed a bug where post processing could become disabled.
  • Fixed a bug where PSO’s could be created on the fly instead of read from the cache, causing hitches.

If you own the game, please make sure you already have installed the latest Windows updates before updating the game on your PC. We hope that other Windows 10 UWP games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and Quantum Break will follow soon. Do you think we can finally take UWP games seriously? Please tell us what you think in the comments.