Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta performance results are in, incoming bug fixes outlined

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Gears of War Ultimate Edition

The makers of Gears of War, The Coalition, invited players to take part in an Open Beta for the latest edition Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. During the Beta period, June 15 to June 23, hundreds of thousands of people took part. Millions of matches were logged in the first week. Most players completed a dozen matches, and one player even completed over 500 games!

The Coalition has outlined just some improvements that have been implemented on the back of that Beta testing in a new post:

  • Multiple fixes and tuning for the Gnasher Shotgun
  • Multiple fixes for Frag Grenades, Boomshot, and Torque Bow
  • Tuning for footstep audio and other sounds around a player
  • King of the Hill improvements, including ability for The Coalition to adjust more settings for competitive play
  • Removed active down from Active Reloaded Longshot sniper rifle and added/tuned active bonus for sniper bloom/aim.
  • Bug fixes and tuning for skill-based matchmaking
  • Tuned red/blue colours for team shaders (Locust/COG)
  • Improved look of blood and gore in gameplay
  • Improved game performance to reduce screen tearing
  • Bug fixes and tuning for Controller Sensitivity Settings
  • Various bug fixes on maps, weapons, matchmaking, audio, and controls.

This latest game in the franchise, is a re-mastered version of the original game. It was announced on stage at E3 2015 by Rod Fergusson. It’s hard to believe the original game was announced ten years ago on the same stage.

The game will launch on Aug. 25 and will include 19 maps from the original game modes in the first game (plus special community map “Boxes”), plus Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill, split-screen support, party and LAN support and private matches on dedicated servers.

If you would like to find out more about the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta or contact the team, visit them here.