Gears of War celebrates 10 yr anniversary next week with special events, items

Gears of War 4 arrived just about a month ago, offering a soft reboot to a franchise that took a few years off to get its bearings. In order to help the community get revved up about the return of Gears, The Coalition is launching a celebration for the tenth anniversary of Gears of War. For those who want to get some goodies in game, this anniversary celebration is going to be bringing with it the aptly named “10th anniversary gear pack,” which comes with several new weapon skins. The pack also gives you a new multiplayer character in Gary Carmine, Gears of War 4’s addition to the running joke of the Carmine family.

Here’s the full list of items in the 10th anniversary gear pack:

  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Anthony Carmine Longshot
  • Benjamin Carmine Gnasher
  • Clayton Carmine Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Hammerburst
  • 10 Years of Gears Retro Lancer
  • 10 Years of Gears Markza Mk. 1
  • 10 Years of Gears Enforcer
  • Gary Carmine Emblem
  • 10 Years of Gears Emblem
  • 5 Bounties, each themed to a Gears of War game

You’ll also be getting new in-game events with the One Shot, One Kill and Gnashers-Only King Of The Hill game modes. They’ll be accompanied with some updates and fixes to the game, including tweaks to Versus and Horde Boosters and some more generous Operation Packs. If you want the whole list of festivities coming with the 10th Anniversary Celebration, check out the official blog post from The Coalition.

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What are you doing to celebrate Gears' 10th anniversary?