Gartner: Windows Phone sales up by 124.2% in Q4 2012, sees huge increase compared to Q4 2011

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According to new data from Gartner, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform saw a boost in sales during Q4 2012. In fact, Windows Phone sales were up by 124.2% in Q4 2012, compared to the previous time period (Q4 2011). This is obviously great news for Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 platform.

In fact, Microsoft saw an increase in mobile market share by 1.2% and smartphone sales increasing 124.2% compared to the previous year. Nokia reached 39.3 million smartphone sales worldwide, down 53.6 percent from 2011. However, one can attribute most of those sales to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. Google’s Android platform dominated with a 50% stake in the mobile operating system market, and saw an increase in sales by 87.8% during Q4 2012. Apple was up 22.6% compared to the previous year. RIM (now called BlackBerry) saw a decline in market share by 44.4%. “2013 will be the year of the rise of the third ecosystem as the battle between the new BlackBerry10 and Widows Phone intensifies. As carriers and vendors feel the pressure of the strong Android’s growth, alternative operating systems such as Tizen, Firefox, Ubuntu and Jolla will try and carve out an opportunity by positioning themselves as profitable alternatives,” Gartner adds.

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