Gartner: Windows 8 tablets won’t be iPad killers

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According to the research firm Gartner, Microsoft needs to hurry up with its Windows 8 operating system in order to have any impact in the tablet market, currently dominated by the Apple iPad. In fact, the longer Microsoft takes, the less of an appeal Windows 8 might have with consumers.

“The current buzz around Windows 8 driven by the demonstrations seen at the Build conference might be short-lived if Microsoft’s push to use the new OS across devices comes at a compromise in usability. Moreover, the late arrival might limit its appeal, especially to consumers, as Apple and Android will be more entrenched by then. Microsoft’s platform will find its biggest opportunities in the enterprise segment, where IT departments could benefit from smoother integration with existing Microsoft software,” Gartner states.

Gartner makes a good point. The longer Microsoft takes, the less of an appeal Windows 8 will have in the tablet market. Not only that, but Windows 8’s late arrival will give Apple and Google time to become even better.

“We expect Apple to maintain a market share lead throughout our forecast period by commanding more than 50 percent of the market until 2014. This is because Apple delivers a superior and unified user experience across its hardware, software and services. Unless competitors can respond with a similar approach, challenges to Appleā€™s position will be minimal,” Gartner’s Research VP, Carolina Milanesi, states.

Gartner believes that Microsoft attempt to become a viable competitor in the tablet market will be very hard. By the time Windows 8 comes out, the company will barely scratch the surface in the tablet market. So in other words, don’t expect Windows 8 to be an iPad killer. At least, that’s what research firm Gartner believes. What do you think?

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