Gartner thinks Windows 8 will end the WinNT era and begin the WinRT era

According to the research firm Gartner, the WinNT era is nearly over and Windows 8 will dawn the era of WinRT. Gartner believes that the Windows Desktop and legacy Windows applications will decline in importance, thanks to new emphasis being places on Windows 8 Metro apps.

“Windows 8 is the start of Microsoft’s effort to respond to market demands and competitors, as it provides a common interface and programming API set from phones to servers. It is also the beginning of the end of Win32 applications on the desktop. Microsoft will continue to support Win32, but it will encourage developers to write more manageable and engaging applications using WinRT,” research firm Gartner believes.

Gartner also sees Windows 8 as a “technology shift” similar to going from DOS to WinNT. While Microsoft is not forcing anyone to eliminate or stop developing Win32 applications, the emphasis is being placed on Metro style apps and eventually most businesses will adopt Windows 8 and utilize Metro. This shift to Metro will take years but will eventually happen.

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