Gartner believes Windows 8.1 update will silence the Windows 8 haters

Windows 8

With the upcoming release of the Windows 8.1 update, Microsoft is looking to add much needed features and fixes to the Windows 8 operating system, based on user feedback. Certain features such as the Start button is also set to make a return. According to analysts at Gartner, this update will silence those who hate Windows 8.

“After Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, the newly introduced user experience was criticized. Some users complained about the lack of discoverability, help or cues for the new user experience, and many rejected Windows 8 because of the changes. Based on the information currently available, we believe Windows 8.1 features could quiet most of its detractors,” Gartner adds.

Windows 8.1 not only brings back the Start button, but also adds a boot-to-desktop feature and adds a newer version of Internet Explorer. The Windows 8.1 update doesn’t change much behind the scenes, so organizations looking to make the switch to Windows 8 can still do so and are recommended to jump on board the Windows 8.1 bandwagon.

“If you have considered Windows 8 only for touch-based devices, evaluate Windows 8.1 for broader deployment,” Gartner adds. Gartner also recommends that organizations make the switch to Windows 8.1, especially for production deployments.

There has been a lot of hate for Windows 8 since its release back in October of 2012 (how time flies). Microsoft is betting big on this new update. Do you think Windows 8.1 will silence the Windows 8 haters?

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