Gang up: Spartan Companies introduced for Halo 5: Guardians

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Fancy joining or making something equivalent to a guild in the new Halo 5: Guardians? 343 Industries is giving you the tools just for that with the new Spartan Companies. The new social feature was announced by Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor and Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.
The feature allows you to create or join a Spartan Company, which are groups of up to 100 players (minimum is 4,) that shares an ideal, goal, preference or simply are good friends. Players in the same company will unite under the same banner and share an identity, customizable with unique emblems, banners, colors, motto and more. Each player, however, can only be a member of one Company at any time.

As an incentive to the feature, players who join or create a Company will also recieve a free REQ pack containing a guaranteeded customization item, which they can use to glorify their in-game Spartans right on Halo Waypoint. The website also list all the companies, and gives you access to player stats for fellow Company members. A look at the site reveals an already substantial amount of activity, with 27 Companies of more than 81 Spartans, and Halo 5 buyers can be sure that there will be no lack of multiplayer fun when the game arrives.

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