Gamescom 2017: Microsoft launches German version of its Xbox Wire news blog

Brad Stephenson

In preparation for Gamescom, the tech expo based in Germany that’s happening this weekend, Microsoft has finally launched a German version of their official Xbox news blog, Xbox Wire. The launch of the site was announced by the company’s Will Tuttle.

“Today, we launched the German versions of Xbox Wire,” Tuttle said in a blog post. “Joining Xbox Wire en Espanol, which launched at E3, the site will be bringing our news daily to our biggest German fans in their native languages. Check in often for global and local news and features.”

Microsoft has had German-language social media accounts up and running for several years now but an officially translated version of their Xbox Wire blog is a good idea for German-speaking gamers looking for more long-form news stories or blog entries from official Xbox sources.

Which language (or languages) do you read your Xbox news in? Share your stats with the site community in the comments below.