Gamescom 2014 Xbox media briefing takes place August 12th and here’s how you can watch it


Gamescom 2014 Xbox Briefing takes place August 12th and here's how you can watch it

Microsoft is set to hold an Xbox media briefing during the Gamescom 2014 event in Germany in less than 24 hours, and we’ve got your front row tickets. Microsoft is expected to unveil exclusive trailers, news, and more for the Xbox entertainment console.

“Experience the best of Xbox direct from gamescom, Cologne, Germany ‐ Europe’s largest gaming event and tradeshow! Watch the gamescom 2014 Xbox Briefing on August 12th and see the latest exclusive trailers, news and announcements from the show. Then stick with us for our After Show where we’ll be taking a closer look at the biggest games and chatting with the developers,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft was all about games during the E3 conference several months back, but now the company is focused on Xbox games yet again during this year’s Gamescom event. So what can we expect? Microsoft is expected to touch on exclusive trailers and news, as well as go over new Xbox blockbusters like Sunset Overdrive, Halo The Master Chief Collection, and likely Quantum Break. Let’s not forget about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, FIFA 15, Fable Legends, and more.

Microsoft’s Xbox Twitter account also gave hints as to what we can expect during the event. Interestingly, Microsoft has added the old logo for Xbox, hinting that some sort of backwards compatibility announcement might be on the horizons. It’s too early to tell, so we will just have to wait for the event and see for ourselves.

You can watch the Xbox briefing live at 5am PDT, Tuesday, 12th August at, on your Xbox One, or via the Windows Phone app. You can also keep an eye at the official Xbox Twich live stream below.