Games of Thrones Episode 3: Sword of Darkness is now available for download on Xbox One

Sean Cameron

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It is no real secret that Games of Thrones has become something of a cultural force in recent years. Though a popular line of fantasy books, the property’s incarnation as a blood-soaked HBO sex-fest has seen its profile rocket through the public consciousness.

This has of course meant its appearance in the world of gaming, with respected developer Telltale Games crafting a tricksy tale of intrigue (of course involving the Lannisters) to rival that of the cable series. Throne devotees can get their latest fix with Games of Thrones Episode 3: Sword of Darkness now available to download on Xbox One.

A point and click adventure, players are charged with negotiating their way through plot twists and turns, betrayals, murders, war and the occasional back-stab. As such, they are highly worth picking up if you are a fan of the series.

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