Games with Gold for March 2014: Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders


Games With Gold March 2014: Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders

As we bid farewell to another month, it’s time two premium games arrived on Xbox 360 to please the Gold Members. This month’s new games are Civilization Revolution and Dungeon Defenders. 

Beginning today (March 1st), people with Gold membership can play Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution. A 2008 iteration of Civilization, the game is quite popular and available across multiple platforms including Windows Phone. Originally priced at $30, the game will be available free for first 15 days to Gold Members.

“Civilization Revolution is a turn based strategy game, with every “turn” representing the passage of several years within the game, which changes from 100 years in the beginning to two years by the end, reflecting the faster pace of contemporary society made possible by technological advancements. Later-era units and buildings are also more “expensive” to build (in terms of production points) than earlier ones, which is matched with cities’ increased efficiency and population. Where the early game tends to be focused on exploring and expanding one’s empire, the later game is dominated by the interactions forced upon the player by rival civilizations”, as Wikipedia describes it. 

The second game to go free this month is  Dungeon Defenders.  Civilization Revolution will return to its official price on March 15, and Dungeon Defenders will be available for free for the rest of the month. The popular title from Trendy Entertainment which normally sells for $14.99, is as its Wikipedia page defines “a mix of Tower Defense, RPG, and High Fantasy/Action/Adventure where between one to four players work together to protect one or more Eternia Crystals from being destroyed by waves of enemies which include goblins, orcs, kobolds, ogres, and wyverns.

The game features a number of levels, consisting of around five total waves, through its campaign mode, or other levels as part of challenges; some of these levels may feature a final wave that includes a boss battle against a unique foe”.

The games will automatically become available for download if you have subscribed to a Gold Membership. The Games with Gold feature will soon arrive on Xbox One.