Gamers report receiving ‘dead on arrival’ PlayStation 4 consoles, are you one of them?

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Some of you may have opted for the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One, or have decided to snag both consoles this year. Regardless of which console you chose, multiple gamers are reporting that their PS4 has arrived ‘dead on arrival’, which isn’t good. For those who are unaware what ‘dead on arrival’ or DOA means, let me explain.

You open up your brand new PS4, plug it in, and be greeted with a notification telling you it doesn’t work. Or, it doesn’t even power on. Either way, you don’t want this to happen to you on launch day, do you? A number of gamers have reported that their PS4 consoles are broken, and due to the fact that there are literally no PS4’s available in stores right now, gamers can’t ask for a new one. Instead, they have to send theirs in for repair, which can take up to three weeks!

These hardware issues seem to be mirroring the problems Microsoft ran into with the launch of the Xbox 360 back in 2005. The RRoD (Red Ring of Death) as it was called used to render the Xbox 360 useless due to an overheating motherboard. This was a widespread issue for Xbox 360, which ultimately resulted in Microsoft changing how their Xbox 360’s were made.

It’s possible, that due to the sheer smallness of the PS4, that ventilation could be the issue. The PS4 is abnormally small for a next generation console, which means there’s less space for fans and vents. With the Xbox One, it’s huge, which means there’s plenty of room for air to get in and out of the system.

Either way, we want to know if you’ve been plagued with any PS4 hardware issues, if you chose to purchase one. Answer our poll below!

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