Gameloft’s World At Arms is a free warfare strategy game for Windows Phone

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World at Arms

Gameloft is one of the most popular mobile gaming developer with lots of popular titles under its name, not just on iOS and Android, but also on the Windows Phone platform. Recently, the developer introduced another popular gaming title for Windows Phone that goes by the name of World At Arms.

The name says it all, World At Arms is a modern warfare-type strategy game where you, as the player, have to build your city and wage war against players across the globe in the multiplayer mode, or play it single player against the AI. During the game, your task is to collect resources, which will be used to construct the city, build/upgrade buildings, train units, complete achievements to unlock rewards, engage in battles and much more. In addition, the game lets users connect with their friends via Facebook and borrow units from them during battles.

“In this free-to-play all-out modern-war strategy game, you will battle across the globe, in the sea’s depths, on the ground, and in the air, following a deep solo campaign and fighting in an exciting multiplayer mode,” according to the app description.

Here’s some of the features you can enjoy within the game:

  • A free war simulation game with brilliant graphics, stunning animations, and realistic units & buildings
  • Collect resources, build, upgrade, and fuse units, construct facilities, and complete numerous achievements to earn free bonuses
  • Engage in innovative battles across the globe and on various terrains (desert, urban, underwater & more) 
  • Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game on the market that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!
  • Construct the new super unit, Atlas, and use it as a game-changer in battle!
  • Join Factions with other players or form your own to wage war, dominate, and win rewards
  • Connect with your friends via Facebook and borrow their units during battle

I try a lot of games on a daily basis, and I must say, this one is a pretty decent game. The game requires time and patience, as it’s going to take a while before you can build a strong empire and get powerful units on your side — reminds me of Clash of Clans (only available on iOS and Android) although it’s a different game, but with a similar objective where you have to build your own village, defend it, and attack others.

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and download the game if you’re a fan of warfare-type strategy games — it’s free. Plus, the game works on devices with 512MB of RAM.

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