Gameloft to introduce Xbox support for some of its games

Hammad Saleem

Gameloft to introduce Xbox support for some of its games, Order and Chaose Online to make a comeback as wel

Gameloft is one of those developers who have released most of their popular titles on Windows Phone as well, alongside Android and iOS. The company has some addictive titles under it’s lineup, including the likes of Order and Chaos Online which is expected to get an update next week, and is also expected to launch on Windows 8 and RT. 

Previously, we’ve seen the developer drop support for Xbox for many of it’s titles due to some technical problems which caused them to get away from the Xbox support. However, it seems Gameloft may introduce the support for Xbox for some of its titles in the coming updates. There’s no word on which games will get it, but the folks at Windows Central mentioned Asphalt Overdrive to be one of the titles which will support Xbox features in the near future. The game was updated on other mobile platforms last week, so racing fans in possession of a Windows Phone can expect an update for Windows Phone as well.

There’s no word if any other games will get the support, or if Gameloft and Microsoft managed to work things out about the hurdles with Xbox integration. We’ll definitely find out what happens next, and what the developer has in store for Windows/Windows Phone fans.