Game Troopers launches another game for Windows Phone - Monster GO!

Game Troopers launches another game for Windows Phone game Monsters GO!

Game Troopers is one of the most active Windows Phone developers with several popular titles under it's name such as Tiny Troopers and Overkill 3. The developer has released yet another game, this time it's an endless runner game known as Monster GO!. 

As a player, you have to choose from three different monsters, each of which has its own set of skills and qualities. After selection, just make sure you cover as much distance as you can and collect coins on your way. Later, the collected coins can be used to upgrade your equipment, team, skills and unlock upgrades to run as far as you can, as well as achievements.

The app description reads,

Pick your Monster, choose the Skills, Evolve your monster and fight your way through enemies villain in the best hybrid RPG-Endless Runner game ever: MONSTER GO! Let's play and embark on an adventure quest with the Monster Heroes in their mission to bring back the stolen sacred crown to their hometown, but this would never be easy.

Here's a list of features the game has to offer:

  • Pick up your monster class, each class has unique characteristics & play style at its initial
  • Play and kill as many enemies as possible to earn points, coins and achievements along the way
  • Upgrade both your active & passive skills with the points earned to make your monster unique with different abilities
  • Get your monster dressed up with over 150++ choices of armour, weapon and accessories with the coins collected
  • Once your monster become stronger, you’ll be able to evolve it to higher tier with more choices of skills and items available
  • Adventure through 5 splashy stages and defeat 5 strongest Bosses, play through many dazzling enemy characters to unlock Endless Mode
  • Enjoy the story cutscene of Monster Heroes and how they fight their way to the dark lord.
  • Unlock your journey in endless mode and fight even more stronger foes with your stronger monster! 

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the game, it's free. Let us know about your thoughts if you've already tried the game. 

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