Game Trooper’s latest title Abyss now available for Windows Phone

Game Trooper's latest title Abyss now available for Windows Phone

Game Troopers revealed earlier this month that they were working on a number of game titles for Windows Phone, including The Last Door, Abyss, and a mysterious RPG title which is still under development. The Last Door is already available, and as promised, Game Troopers has released Abyss for Windows Phone.

The game carries a $2.99 price tag and supports devices with 512MB of RAM on board. The developer even confirmed the launch of Abyss for Windows 8/10 soon as a universal game so users can install the game on all supported platforms. 

As a player, your task is to control Nep2no, a biomechanical robot created by humans, to explore the depths of the ocean in search for an energy source called Gaia. There are 20 challenging levels to play with the game getting tougher as you move on. The game also comes with Xbox Live achievements as well as the ability to compete with friends. You can check out the teaser below to know more about the game.

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