Game Troopers' Crazy Weekend offers a few Windows Phone games for free

For this weekend, game developer Game Troopers has decided to “lose their minds.” This is all good news however, for this loss of mental capacity has spurred on an exciting sale. The people behind Windows phone titles such as Overkill 3, Tiny Troopers, and Monster GO!, are letting a few of their titles go for free.
To get Windows phone users to try out their games, Game Troopers is allowing free downloads of the following titles:

  • Abyss: (FREE today and Friday ONLY) – Play as a submarine, exploring and escaping from underwater sea caves.
  • Lines the Game: (FREE Saturday Only) – Use your color to fill in the lines in this mind-blowing game from Gamious
  • Briquid Mini: (FREE only on Sunday) – A puzzle game to test your skills filling gaps with water, as you destroy bricks
  • The Last Door: (FREE only on Monday) – Old school adventure game with pixel art aesthetics, also available on Windows
All the above games access Xbox Live, so you can log in with your gamertag, rack up those achievements, and increase that Gamerscore. Usually, these games sell for $2.99, but will be available for free on the Windows Store. Starting today, you can enjoy these games on your Windows phone through the weekend.