Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now play Lost in Random through EA Play

Robert Collins

Updated on:

Critically acclaimed action-adventure title Lost in Random has now been added to EA Play as of April 14, which means it is also available to those with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The EA Originals title was considered one of the more unique games to come out in 2021, and has been praised for its originality in terms of both gameplay and visuals. In it, players take on the role of a girl named Even as she explores the six realms of the Kingdom of Random (which is ruled by an evil Queen and governed by game rules) on a quest to save her sister, Odd. All of this is presented in a striking visual style reminiscent of Tim Burton’s animated films.

Combat in Lost in Random takes place on game board-like arenas, where the object is to get Even to the end of the board. Card game mechanics are also present, with cards allowing different combat abilities. While presenting a unique blend of mechanics, the combat was not as highly praised as the game’s graphics and story.

It should be noted that access to EA Play through Game Pass is only through the Ultimate tier of the service. Though it is the most expensive version of Game Pass, the Ultimate Tier also gives players the most bang for their buck.