Galaxy Explorer team refines the HoloLens experience in latest video

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Episode 5 in the Galaxy Explorer development video series, titled “See What Happens”, has been published on Microsoft’s HoloLens channel on YouTube, and its all about aligning the developer’s view and the real HoloLens experience.

As a quick reminder, Galaxy Explorer is an award-winning upcoming app for the Microsoft HoloLens, that lets users explore and interact with the galaxy and solar system right in their room using the device’s holographic capabilities. Previous episodes talked about different challenges with bringing the idea into real life, including making a good-looking Milky Way and getting the Sun to shine properly.

For this week, the aim for the Galaxy Explorer team is to get a nod of approval from Microsoft’s Creative Director of Devices and Studios, Shawn Wright, and the team explored the challenges in getting there, including turning a bug into a new feature, balancing the good-looking and functional side of development, and testing the app simultaneously in real-time on the HoloLens and on Unity to align the experience.

From the video, it’s clear the team did a fantastic job, and sure enough, they got the thumbs-up from Wright at the end, who seemed to be particularly impressed with the nighttime effect on the holographic Earth. We can’t wait to also be impressed by the app; unfortunately the admission price is not that cheap at the moment, and it may be a while yet before the HoloLens can bring its AR magic to normal consumers.

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