Gabriel Aul confirms Insider Hub for Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phones

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Gabriel aul confirms insider hub for windows 10 technical preview for windows phones

With the arrival of Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone, there seems to an endless amount of questions as to what's coming next. Thankfully, Gabriel Aul answers more of his Twitter followers' questions about upcoming Windows 10 features. In a tweet today, Aul confirmed that the Insider Hub (already available on PCs running Windows 10) would be released in a future phone build of Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Microsoft's Insider Hub allows users to send feedback on Windows 10 bugs or suggestions, as well as for Microsoft to send news about the upcoming Windows 10 builds. Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone was released earlier today sans the Insider Hub.

I think it's a little premature to expect the first build of Windows 10 on Windows Phones to be perfect. It's exciting that it was released and while I don't have it on my Lumia Icon (yet), I would prefer to not brick my Icon as it's the only Windows Phone I use daily. Hopefully, with the future addition of the Insider Hub on Windows Phone and further refinements to the preview, it will make the process of getting the final build of Windows 10 on Windows Phones as close to perfect as possible -- thanks to your input.

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