Gabe teases Windows Insiders yet again with “promising” builds soon for PC and phone

Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Jun 24th, 2015 inNews

Image Credit: Microsoft

It looks like Windows Insiders jonesing for another build for PCs or mobile may not be waiting too much longer. Gabe Aul, General Manager of OSG Data and Fundamentals as well as master of the cryptic tweet, has left Insiders with the following:

Even though it appears that there will be no new builds coming down the pipeline this week, perhaps ‘deciding soon’ could net Insiders PC and mobile builds to play around with sometime next week. Also, for anyone suffering through the latest Windows 10 Mobile build, perhaps the wait for next will build will be rewarded with a much more stable offering.

Microsoft’s re-adoption of feedback-driven development for many of its platforms has been a welcomed change and distraction from the past debacle of Windows 8. As the Windows 10 Insider development cycle continues, the company is mining very useful info into how Windows is being used. Under former Windows lead, Steven Sinofsky, the development team relied on the telemetry utilization and data points to shape their vision for the future of Windows. This time around, current head of Windows, is relying on a combination of collected telemetry and actual user feedback.

Unfortunately, Windows 8 and the inherent co-dependent nature of open communication development has fostered a drug dealer/drug taker relationship between the Windows development team and Windows Insiders. Impatient Insiders bemoan the time in between builds. Overworked Windows 10 developers man their stations as they attempt to temper expectations. The cycle continues because inherently, Windows 10 is incomplete for most. In its current state, Windows 10 lacks sold visual cohesion, fundamental options and features as well as stability for most users. As each new build is released, it is building on the promise that it’s more feature complete than the next. Insiders line up for handouts, no matter how buggy, incomplete, or frustrating the ‘new’ builds ends up being.

When Microsoft revealed the news about the Insider program; the company made clear that Windows 10 would be going through a continual change. Microsoft braced Insiders for the reality of buggy, unstable alpha-like builds coming through the pipeline. However, with each new caveat, came the hook, the promise that it will be better than Windows 8.

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