Microsoft offers a little clarification on what 'Windows 10 as a service' means

Gabe Aul on "Windows as a service": There is no ongoing fee

There's been a lot of confusion with the words "Windows as a service." Some believe it means you will have to pay a monthly subscription to use Windows -- this is incorrect. Gabe Aul has taken to Twitter to clarify Microsoft's position on the notion of "Windows as a service."  Here's what he said: 

Since the introduction of Office 365 -- a subscription-based version of the productivity software -- there have been persistent rumors that Windows would face the same eventuality.  Obviously, this has caused some angst in the community, since the cost of a Windows license has traditionally been hidden in the cost of new computers.

Of course, this doesn't mean that it's the same old routine at Microsoft these days.  The company is treating Windows as a service in the sense that, like Aul says, users will be kept up to date.  This should reduce the amount of fragmentation that plagues the software, thereby making it easier to keep people in Microsoft's ecosystem.

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