Next Windows 10 Insider build for phones, 10080, could arrive this week, says Gabe Aul

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Windows 10 for phones

The ‘current candidate’ for the next build for Windows 10 for phones is 10080 and we could see it as early as this week. Gabe Aul, whose smile in his profile photo perfectly fits how much fun he probably has with us clamoring over builds, tweeted about the next build candidate.

As expected, fans and followers asked some follow up questions and he clarified some details. In response to if the build will be released today Gabe responded:

Another fan also asked if the Lumia Icon will be supported to which Gabe replied:

This is great news for those who would like to download a preview build of Windows 10 for phones on one of the highest end Lumia devices.

As Gabe stated himself, the new build will not drop today and is only a candidate to be released at all but we’ll keep our fingers crossed about receiving the much anticipated build.

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