Gabe Aul encourages users to vote for landscape mode in Windows 10 Mobile start screens

Gabe Aul encourages users to vote for landscape mode in Windows 10 Mobile start screens

Users are asking for landscape support of the start screen in Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft’s Gabe Aul responded to a question about this feature on Twitter by asking users to vote for it. With Windows 10 Mobile supporting mice and keyboards, more users will be using their phones for productivity, which is bolstered by a landscaped start screen.

The tweeter's question didn't use the phrase "start screen" but the photo included shows a mock up of a start screen in landscape mode.

Using a mouse and keyboard with a phone can be awkward, especially with smaller screened phones, but using them in landscape mode takes advantage of the screen real estate available. Landscape mode becomes even more of a bonus with larger phones and phablets that are almost the size of small tablets.

Microsoft Office is available in Windows 10 and combined with Bluetooth mice and keyboards, such as Microsoft’s Universal Foldable keyboard, will provide a mobile workspace for users on the go.

In addition to productivity, having landscape mode as an option would be welcomed by users who prefer using apps in landscape mode.  Having the option to have a landscaped start screen eliminates jumping back and forth between landscaped apps and a vertical home screen.

If you want this feature to be added to Windows 10 Mobile, it's important to vote for it. Microsoft is listening to their users quite a bit these days but at the moment, there's only about seventy votes between four to five suggestions for this feature. You can vote for features by searching for the Feedback app in Windows 10, searching for the feature, and then voting.

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