Futuremark adds Windows 8.1 support to PCMark 8, get your benchmarking on!

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Futuremark has reportedly updated their popular PCMark 8 benchmarking software to version 1.1.111, adding Windows 8.1 support along the way. You can still, however, use PCMark 8 on Windows 7 and Windows 8 for benchmarking purposes.

“PCMark 8 is a complete benchmark for Windows 8 and can be used to test the performance of all kinds of Windows 8 PCs from lightweight tablets and notebooks to high-end desktops,” the software description reads. The software comes in three different editions, with one of them being free (not yet available). PCMark 8 requires Internet Explorer 10 and a minimum of Windows 7 to work.

In this update for Windows 8.1, Futuremark has introduced new options for testing OpenCL and has added detailed hardware monitoring graphs. There is also support for Internet Explorer 11 along with an updated “SystemInfo” for improved compatibility with the latest hardware.

“PCMark 8 includes five benchmark tests covering a variety of scenarios from home to business use. There is a dedicated Storage benchmark for testing SSDs and HDDs and an Applications benchmark that uses Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. PCMark 8 also includes battery life testing tools,” Futuremark stated.

For now, you must download the PCMark 8 Professional Edition in order to have the Windows 8.1 compatibility. Futuremark has yet to release a free edition.

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