Future versions of Google Chrome to have gamepad support

During an interview at Develop Liverpool, Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan revealed that Google's popular Chrome browser will soon have enhanced gaming capabilities, including plug and play support for gamepads.

From what is being reported, future versions of Google Chrome are expected to have plug and play support for gamepads, as well as native support for cameras, microphones, and the open source video chat framework WebRTC. On top of that, Chrome will have support for an OnLive style cloud gaming service. Google isn't creating the service, but allowing Chrome to support the possibility of having such service.

Google Chome already has support for WebGL and HTML5, so it only makes sense to improve and enhance the browser with these new features. Those looking to play more than Angry Birds on Chrome will have some fun stuff to look forward to, especially with the added ability to use a game controller, microphone, and a camera.

Recently, Google introduced a new feature in its latest beta version of the popular Chrome browser that allows for multiple account syncing. This feature has been requested by Chrome users for a while now and allows for multiple users to swap accounts on the same computer.

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