Future Factory offers rogue-like shooter experience like no other

Future Factory offers rogue-like shooter experience like no other

Future Factory is a game for Windows Phone that I have been playing for a couple of days and think it has some great potential. Future Factory was created by AppCampus graduates specifically for the Windows Phone. So this isn’t just another game ported from iOS or Android. Future Factory is currently just a soft launch, as the developers work out all the kinks and bugs players might experience.

Future Factory’s story starts with your character surviving a plane crash and wandering into a factory filled with crazy and diabolical robots. According to the game’s developers Fun2Robots, Future Factory was inspired by Karel Capek’s drama and the dystopian era of the 20‘s. Capek was a Czech writer who produced a robot play in 1920 called Rosumovi Univerzální Roboti (Rossum’s Universal Robots). Fun2Robots is from the Czech Republic, so Future Factory is a homage to Capek.

So what did I like the most about Future Factory? The game developer actually listens to and values player feedback. Recently, they updated their game with the following improvements:

  • Improved Performance (mostly for dual-core devices)
  • Removed Ads (we’ve decided to not ruin your game experience with ads)
  • Donate Button (rather than Ads – any donation highly appreciated!)

Future Factory still has a lot more things that it can improve on. However, after just the third update to the Future Factory, it is obvious that the developers value player feedback. I am glad Fun2Robots removed the ads because it provided an especially annoying experience, especially when the ads would pop up over the game’s controls.

The game developer has promised that more updates are coming and support for 512 MB RAM Windows Phones will also be added in the near future, along with level updates and different game modes. Here is a short video of Future Factory in action.  

Get Future Factory now in the Windows Phone Store via the download link below. Future Factory is free for a limited time.

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