Release notes for Windows 10 build 10147, which was leaked yesterday, now leaked too

Full release notes for Windows 10 build 10147 leaked

Yesterday, Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10147 leaked onto the web, and Zac showed you what was new in his latest video.  While nothing earth shattering surfaced because of the build, Windows 10 appears to be getting closer to being ready for the official July 29th release, with lots of fit and finish details appearing in this newest leaked version.

Now what looks to be a changelog of 10147 features and bugs has also made it’s way to the web, posted by noted leaker WZor (via Microsoft News).  We’ve told you about the changes, but now an “official” changelog is out .

The release notes seem to be missing the what’s new section, but list fixes (hidden video playback controls in Edge, administrator account’s ability to change settings, etc.) and known issues:

10147 known issues 110147 known issues 2

While there won’t be an official release of Windows 10 Insider Preview this week, expect to see one soon, as Microsoft marches toward the release deadline.  As always, stay tuned to WinBeta for the latest!

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