Fukushima Nuclear plant operator slammed for delaying upgrade from Windows XP

Fukushima Nuclear plant operator slammed for delaying upgrade from Windows XP

It's been a year since Microsoft discontinued support for the decade old Windows XP operating system. The company is no longer providing users with important security patches and other updates, which makes it vulnerable to threats. Many companies have already completed the switch to a more recent operating system, but it seems things are a little different in Japan.

Tokyo Electric Power, the company operating the Fukushima Nuclear plant, is criticized by audit watchdog for delaying the upgrade from Windows XP, warning the company to replace it with a newer operating system to avoid potential security threats. The company was hoping to save around JPY 3.6 billion (almost $30 million) by continuing to run almost 48,000 computers on the decade old operating system until 2018. 

"The company decided, on its own initiative, to move up the deadline to update the software due to system security concerns," a TEPCO spokesman said Tuesday.

"Upgrading the operating system must be done as swiftly as possible, and the firm must not push it back given the security risks," Japan's Board of Audit said.

It's not a very wise decision to delay the upgrade, even after the atomic crisis faced by the company, because things could get a little worse because Microsoft is no longer issuing any security patches for it.

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