Fujitsu announces a ton of new Windows 10 notebooks, tablets, and desktops

CES 2016 brought a boatload of new Windows 10 machines from traditional vendors like Dell, HP, and Asus. That's not to imply that nobody else is building new members of the Windows 10 stable, however, even as some OEMs (we're talking about you, Toshiba) seem to be scaling back. More recently, Fujitsu has announced a whole bunch of new Windows 10 tablets, notebooks, and desktops.

In fact, there are 11 new Fujitsu machines on the way, apparently aimed squarely at the enterprise. Coming in a range of device types, from desktops to notebooks to tablets, the range lets Fujitsu cover most of the bases. Here are the highlights of the additions to some existing product lineups.

Expanded line of 2-in-1 tablets


  • 12.5" wide-format LCD (1920X1080)
  • 14.7mm thick, 1.26kg
  • Detachable magnetic keyboard


  • 13.3" LCD dust and water resistance screen
  • Palm vein sensor and smart card support for secure login
  • CLEARSURE 3G/LTE remote data-deletion solution
  • IPX5/7/8 water resistance, IP5X dust resistance, chemical resistance

Expanded notebook line with "Family Concept" chassis design

LIFEBOOK S936/M and U745/M

  • Palm-vein sensors for secure login

Enhanced line of desktop PCs


  • Long-life product, able to last up to 10 years


  • Equipped with latest Xeon processor

The machines are rolling out in Japan this month, with no word on where else the machines might end up. Here's pricing for you folks in the Japanese marketplace:

Fujistsu New Lineup Pricing
Fujistsu new lineup pricing.

So, there you have it, a whole bunch of new machines from Fujitsu. As we said earlier, we're always excited to see the Windows 10 OEM market continue to expand. Microsoft's success in pushing Windows 10 into the enterprise depends on companies like Fujitsu making the right equipment, and so far we like what we see.

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