Fruit Ninja Kinext 2 is coming to the Xbox One this March

Fahad Al-Riyami

Fruit Ninja Kinext 2 is coming to the Xbox One this March

Fruit Ninja was one of the most popular games on smartphones along with Doodle Jump, Pocket God, and Angry Birds. Since then it has become a multi-platform title across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even the Xbox. Today, five years after the debut of the original app, Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is coming soon to the Xbox One.

Included are five new game modes, support for up to four-person multiplayer, and more characters to choose from. Soon you’ll be able to continue to enjoy hacking away at mangoes and pineapples and get a workout in at the same time! Or you can be a champion, like Maddie in the video below, if you dare.

“You’ll be dodging shurikens, hacking through forests of bamboo, and avoiding spotlights to become true masters of stealth. Who knows, you might even get your black belt in Kung Fruit! (That’s right, there’s a new progression system as well.)” – Halfbrick

The Xbox One exclusive title will be available to download on March 18th, we’ll let you know when the game finally launches and provide you with the download/store links as per usual.