Frequently requested Version History for all file types comes to OneDrive

If you rely on OneDrive to store all types of files such as pictures, videos, PDFs or even CAD files, you'll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has started to roll out version history support for all files types today. Until now, version history was only supported for Office files stored on OneDrive, and expanding it to every type of files was one of the most requested features from users.

"OneDrive is committed to helping you focus on being more productive and having to worry less about accidental edits by you or others collaborating with you," explained the OneDrive team on the Office blog. Once expanded version history is available for your OneDrive personal account, the cloud storage service will keep older version of all your files for 30 days. On, you can still use the feature by right-clicking any file and choosing "Version history."

Frequently requested Version History for all file types comes to OneDrive - - July 19, 2017

Once the Version History window is open, you can get more details about previous revisions including date of modification, file size and who last edited it (for shared documents). Then, you can select any version and either open it in your browser or "restore" it, which will replace the current version of the file stored on OneDrive.

This is a really handy feature for power users, and all OneDrive users should receive it over the course of the summer. Let us know in the comments if this is something you're likely to use a lot going forward.

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