French hacker arrested for infecting over 17K smartphones, stole over 500K Euros

A 20 year old French hacker was arrested in northern France for infecting over 17,000 smartphones, mostly Android, and stole over 500,000 Euros since 2001. The hacker disguised free app downloads as original apps and infected them. These infected apps would steal money from the victims.

“Once the fake applications were downloaded, the virus sent a text message without the user’s knowledge to a premium-rate number he had set up. There were also programmes that sent him the log-on codes for gaming and gambling websites to which the victims had subscribed,” the report states. Android powered smartphones were apparently the easy target. According to prosecutors, the hacker is described as extremely smart and had never studied any computer science. Once he was caught, he admitted guilt. So why did he do it? Apparently he did it for the “love of computers and an ambition to be a software developer” and not by greed.

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