Free Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack asking season pass holders to pay for it, Microsoft working on a fix

Microsoft is looking into an issue that is preventing Halo 4 season pass holders from downloading the recently released Crimson Map Pack DLC, which weighs nearly 530MB. The issue is causing season pass holders to pay 800 Microsoft Points to download the DLC, rather than download it for free as a part of the season pass.

“We are aware of the issue and actively engaged looking for a fix to get you into the fight!” Microsoft stated on the Xbox Live status website. “We are aware of the issue in which Map Pass and LE owners are not being recognized to download the Crimson Map Pack at no additional cost. We are working on the situation now and will provide an update as soon as we have one. We apologize for the inconvenience,” Microsoft stated in a tweet. So there you have it. If you are looking to snag this cool new DLC, just hang tight for a bit and wait until Microsoft fixes this issue so you can grab the free download, rather than pay for it.

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