Fox News debuts new studio with giant Windows 8 touchscreen PCs

Fox News deck with large Windows 8 PCs

Fox News has unveiled their brand new revolutionary news studio called the "News Deck". This deck apparently features giant Windows 8 touchscreen PCs, a Twitter wall, and more, in an attempt to appeal to the current generation of smartphone/app users.

"Just like you, we get our news across multiple platforms and this is the place where viewers can watch us sort it all out as it happens," the video narrates. We've embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure. In the video, you will see the construction of the News Deck, along with a tour of the set.

Fox News has implemented 55-inch touchscreen monitors at each workstation, which runs Windows 8. If you look closely, you can see the Windows Store app and the News app.  Journalists working the News Deck can swipe through pages and apps, all while collecting news information for live reporting.

The set also features a 38-foot long video wall where images can be shuffled horizontally. The idea behind this News Deck is to appeal to those who are constantly using their smartphones, internet, computers, and more to get their information. Check out the video below.

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