Founder of Street Soccer Scotland uses a Lumia to fight poverty

David Duke, the founder of Street Soccer Scotland, explains how Lumia helps him organize his nonprofit's efforts to fight poverty in Scotland. According to Duke, "one in five children in Scotland live in poverty," and he is passionate about changing that horrible statistic. In an interview on the Lumia Conversations Blog, Duke describes how Lumia helps him coordinate with his Street Soccer Scotland team more efficiently to provide the most positive changes possible against poverty in Scotland.
[pullquote align="left" cite="" link="" color="" class="" size=""]“It means that the team all know what we’re all doing and share ideas so we can tell the story better. It really opens your eyes to what you can do using technology." -David Duke, CEO of Street Soccer Scotland.[/pullquote]
Since Street Soccer Scotland's launch in 2009, they have successfully reached more than 10,000 people. With Microsoft's help, Street Soccer Scotland hopes to reach thousands more.

“Poverty leads to a lack of hope and a lack of opportunity. Our mission is to provide opportunity and build hope. Most of the problems that we've faced as an organization has actually come from a lack of communication."

Duke and his team use Skype and OneNote to organize Street Soccer Scotland's efforts, no matter where his team members are, anywhere in Scotland. Duke can be on a bus or a train and quickly use his Lumia or Surface to connect with people via Skype or OneNote to share pictures, videos, documents, or other content.
Street Soccer Scotland's message is to provide a "positive change through football;" Microsoft and Lumia are helping Duke do just that.


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