Forza Motorsport fans will soon be able to test the next video game in the car racing franchise

Brad Stephenson

Forza Motorsport 7 video game on Xbox and Windows 10

Playtesting for the upcoming Forza Motorsport video game has begun with plans to involve more gamers in the very near future.

The announcement was made during the latest episode of Forza Monthly, an official news series that covers all of the latest development around the latest Forza games and community events. In it, the game’s creative director, Chris Esaki, revealed that some participants in the Forza Feedback Panel have already gotten their hands on the latest Forza video game and that anyone who wants to help test the title while it’s in development is welcome to join the group.

Despite its name, the Forza Feedback Panel isn’t an actual panel of people or judges but instead is more of a group of official playtesters who get to play early builds of the game and provide feedback. Anyone can apply to join by filling in this survey.

The Forza Motorsport video game that’s in development will be the eighth entry in the main Forza Motorsport series and is currently going by the name of Forza Motorsport instead of the expected Forza Motorsport 8. It will be the first Forza Motorsport video game designed for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X console. A Windows 10 release is also likely. No release date for either version has been set yet.

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