Forza Horizon 5 gets compatibility with 3DRap’s Hand Controller for handicapped racers

Robert Collins

As we reported yesterday, Forza Horizon 5 got a new “Donut Media” Series update this week. The update brought a slew of graphical upgrades to the PC version of the game, including DLSS support and access to in-game ray tracing.

Also implemented in this latest update is support for the 3DRap Hand Controller HC1. If you’ve never heard of this, it is a piece of hardware that attaches to a racing wheel, with levers for throttle and brake that facilitates gaming with a wheel for those who can’t use their feet. See the video below for a demonstration.

The Hand Controller HC1 goes for around $90. But for those with limited use of their feet, the chance to tear up the roads of Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 with the most immersive gear out there is priceless.

3DRap is an award-winning Italian company that makes a range of gaming products. These include sim racing accessories such as cockpits, steering wheel rigs and more.

Featured image via 3DRap.